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JSQUAD Language Services was formed keeping in mind the employment opportunities it would provide globally. The company bridges the gap between experts in the field of language industry, to the clients who want their product or service sell global. The company stands for all employees working directly or indirectly, resulting in meeting our client’s business objective. The company stands for our clients and stakeholders for trusting our solutions and giving us opportunities to serve them best. We as a company have a policy to innovate ourselves time and time to exist with the pace the world is moving ahead. The services that we offer would enable our clients to maximize their market reach to places where they weren’t able to reach before. Our services enable clients with the main objective of conveying their ideas in the form of product or service for the betterment of society as a whole. Reach out to us if you have a solution to offer as well as to know solutions we can offer. Thanks for your time !

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Professional Translation Company/Agency in India

The world is becoming increasingly connected and businesses today are looking for global opportunities and markets. If a business aspires to sell its products or services to a country with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, it needs to take its contents to the next linguistic level. To engage audience successfully, content should be given in their preferred language.

In such situations, language becomes the most common barrier in terms of internal operations and communications. Many foreign companies have their content in their mother tongue and therefore require localization service in India from cost cutting aspect and their expertise in providing translation & localization services.

Not only overseas companies, when a business in India wants to expand itself beyond its home place, it is not easy to communicate in the new destination. There is the need for good translation agencies in India to convert a written document from one language to the target language.

The translation services in India help the client to translate the business needs in the preferred language and hence effectively helping in the business growth in the new sector. So, for effective understanding and propagation of business and services, it is very much necessary to have good translation services in India. And without a doubt, JSQUAD is one of the leading translation companies in India which provides high-quality product within the perfect cost to its clients

JSQUAD – leader among translation companies in India

At JSQUAD, one of the emerging translation agencies in India, we firmly believe in the principle to bridge the language gap between our clients and their business targets. Also, we provide Machine Translation and Desktop Publishing Services.

We at JSQUAD – one of the best translation agencies in India, offer four types of translation services like:

  1. Translation along with proper quality check before publishing
  2. Translation without the quality analysis. (In case the document is for the client’s understanding or their internal communication.)
  3. PR service (Proof-readers makes changes to the spelling, grammar check of another Translator)
  4. Transcreationor translation of a document without losing the essence of the intent and contextual tone. (Normally uses to translate marketing communication phrases to other languages)

Bangalore and Mumbai are two of the most important business areas in India. So, for translation services in Bangalore as well as translation services in Mumbai, we are always there for the perfect delivery within the given timeline.

The Spectrum of Our services

As JSQUAD is one among the best localization companies in India, we have local translators who are abreast with the local culture and requirements. We provide translation services in any regional and international language pairs. We also offer Multimedia Localization Voiceover, subtitling, video localization etc.

Another unique service that we offer is the outsourcing of the project management. It is a cost-effective method to get respective domain experienced project managers to handle your project activities. We also provide translators, Interpreters, Technical Writers, Content Writers etc for short/long term contractual work through remote or onsite. Also, we conduct Language Training Webinars, Online/Classroom Training, and Corporate Training etc.

We are one of the best translation companies in India and always ready to serve you with our best experts and on time services. We firmly believe that our services will help you reach the horizons where you had not ventured before.

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