Localization Company in Bangalore, India

Localization Company in Bangalore, India

Why Localization companies in India?

In today’s globalized world, localization is essential to expand a company’s customer base. But, localization offers more than that. It aids the companies to become very competitive in the local market.

Localization is more than just fine-tuning a translation. It should meet both the language and cultural differences of the targeted market. That’s why not only Indian companies but many foreign companies that have their content in their mother tongue prefer localization service in India from cost cutting aspect and their expertise in providing translation & localization.

A simple word to word translation again may not be as much effective because it would not convey the essence and culture of the local area. The best localization companies in India take care of any date format, currency or cultural sensitivities etc. while translating a business or a service document and looks for localizing both local and international content. JSQUAD is one of the leading localization companies in India.

JSQUAD – your one stop solution for localization companies in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is crowned as the hi-tech capital of India. A lot of new ventures and start-ups are being launched frequently. Naturally, as it is a busy business area, companies from all regions of India and all over the world are found here. A business venture who looks for localization companies in Bangalore would be doing the apt thing because it is necessary to fit in and communicate before launching and expanding a business in an unfamiliar territory.

Here comes JSQUAD -one of the emerging localization companies in Bangalore, equipped for handling all your translation and localization needs for your business.

At JSQUAD we offer:

  • Localization
  • Translation
  • Multimedia Localization Voiceover, subtitling, video localization etc.
  • Resource Augmentation with Supply of Translators, Interpreters, Technical Writers, Content Writers etc. for short/long term contractual work through remote or onsite
  • Language Training Webinars, Online/Classroom Training, Corporate Training etc.
  • Machine Translation
  • Desktop Publishing Services

We provide translation services for any language pairs.

Our best in class translators are well abreast with the culture in any region irrespective of geography and they perfectly translate your business needs to suit the local culture and requirements.

So, if you are in doubt as to how to bridge the language barrier, look no further than JSQUAD! We promise you to offer our best service by our best pool of personnel.

So, get going now and contact us at JSQUAD!


Localization companies in India

Having used several localization services in the past I can say that working with JSQUAD has restored our faith in the existence of quality localization services. They perfectly understood our needs and the way we go about things and also they were very flexible to adapt. JSQUAD is indeed one of the best localization companies in Bangalore, India. We would most definitely use their services again in the future.

-Devendra Agarwal

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