Machine Translation

Machine Translation

Machine translations involve the use of computers and software programs to generate a translation automatically. This technology has now evolved to a point where, under appropriate conditions, it can prove to be a valuable asset and tool. At JSQUAD, we offer high quality machine translation services which have been specifically developed to translate huge volumes of content on time and within your budget. Our specialized teams are on the cutting edge of new machine translation technology and know exactly how to integrate machine translation solutions with other translation tools and post editing services.

How does Machine Translation work?

There are two main types of machine translation systems:

  • Rule based systems: They use a combination of language, dictionaries and grammar rules for common words. They typically deliver consistent translations with precise terminology when paired with the special industry focused dictionaries but are rigid in their process.
  • Statistical systems: They do not have knowledge of language rules and translate by analyzing large amount of data for each language pair. Typically, statistical systems deliver more fluent sounding but less consistent translation, particularly when it comes to terminology.

At JSQUAD, we combine these two systems to give you the best of both worlds.

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