Translation services in Chennai, India

Translation services in Chennai, India

If a business aspires to sell its products or services to a country with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, content should be given in their preferred language. It is the need of the hour for a business or a service which wants to expand itself beyond its known territory. So, it has the growing need for the best translation services in India and JSQUAD is surely one of them.

Chennai is a very important business centre in India where many Indian and International ventures are established. There lies the need for good translation services in Chennai to convert a written document from one language to the target language.

JSQUAD – the perfect solution to your needs of translation services in Chennai

JSQUAD is one of the budding and growing translation services in Chennai. We firmly believe in the principle that there is a need to bridge the language barrier and create a potentially favourable environment for your business and service needs. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to delivering quality products in terms of timeline, price, and effectiveness.

We provide translation services in any regional and international language pairs. Multimedia localization, voiceover, subtitling, video localization etc. are also offered by us.

We serve our clients by offering the best translator at competitive rates. As one of the best translation services in Chennai, we offer you:

  • Translation along with proper quality check before publishing
  • Translation without the quality analysis. (In case the document is for the client’s understanding or their internal communication.)
  • PR service (Proof-readers makes changes to the spelling, grammar check of another Translator)
  • Transcreation or translation of a document without losing the essence of the intent and contextual tone. (Normally used to translate marketing communication phrases to other languages)

JSQUAD being the emerging translation services in Chennai, we also offer Resource Augmentation supply of Translators, Interpreters, Technical Writers, and Content Writers etc for short/long term contractual work through remote or onsite. Also, we conduct Language Training Webinars, Online/Classroom Training, and Corporate Training etc.

So now without a second thought, you can trust JSQUAD, the budding translation services in Chennai, with outsourcing of project management requisites.

JSQUAD stands on the pillars of trust and we believe that our solutions will help your venture to prosper and reach its height with the help of our services.

Get started today if you are searching for the best translation services in Chennai!

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