With the endless business possibilities that the internet and digital realm offers, most of the companies now choose to reach and attract new audiences using multimedia platforms for advertising, presentation and publication purposes. Delivering your message across the world has never been so easy and fast. However, this may increase the risk of miscommunication if your multimedia platforms are not adequately localized and the content is not translated correctly. If you are looking to expand your presence across the globe, you can rely on JSQUAD for high quality multimedia translation services which guarantee that your target audience will understand exactly what you mean.

From online presentations to professional voice overs, our translation team has multimedia expertise which gives a clarity and authenticity to their work. We ensure thorough and efficient multimedia translation services at competitive rates and adapt our expertise according to the project needs. The multimedia contents are translated to match the timings of the source footage while still capturing the same meaning as well as tone of the original.

The most common types of our projects include:

  • Audio / Visual integration
  • Voiceover for e-learning modules
  • Commercials
  • Corporate presentations
  • Subtitles for all types of motion pictures, commercials, etc.

Unlike traditional translation, multimedia translation requires experts with some additional skill sets for audio and video text adaptation, script translation, and professional voice recording along with a healthy dose of software engineering.

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