JSQUAD is a globally renowned language translation company in India. Our team boasts of a winning combination of expert translation skills along with rich industry experience. We act as a bridge between our clients and their target markets breaking different boundaries and pushing for understanding, irrespective of the language. From language translation services, multimedia, machine translation, resource augmentation to localization, desktop publishing service and language training, we support the global business cycle on all levels.

Our flexible approach and extensive experience sets us apart from other language service providers. Whether your project involves a simple translation, a complex cross platform localization approach or a proof reading expert check, our translation company in India will work with you to meet your project objectives and deadlines. We adapt our level of intensity as per your requirements, making our solutions perfect for all project sizes as well as budgets. As a company, we have a policy to innovate ourselves time and time to keep up with the fast paced world.

Great customer service is an important part of our ethos. We aim to deliver what is right for you, your goals, your project and your needs. We take time to listen to you, understand your requirements, devise customized solutions for your business and ensure on-time delivery of your project that will, undoubtedly, exceed your expectations.

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